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Zirconium-Based Metal–Organic Framework Mixed-Matrix Membranes as Analytical Devices for the Trace Analysis of

Complex Cosmetic Samples in the Assessment of Their Personal Care Product Content

Adrián Gutiérrez-Serpa, Tanay Kundu, Jorge Pasán, Ana I. Jiménez-Abizanda, Stefan Kaskel, Irena Senkovska and Verónica Pino

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (2022) 4510-4521

Hybrid Materials Formed with Green Metal-Organic Frameworks and Polystyrene as Sorbents in Dispersive Micro-Solid-

Phase Extraction for Determining Personal Care Products in Micellar Cosmetics

Patricia I. Napolitano-Tabares, Adrián Gutiérrez-Serpa, Ana I. Jiménez-Abizanda, Francisco Jiménez-Moreno, Jorge Pasán and Verónica


Molecules 27 (2022) 813

Thin-film microextraction using the metal-organic framework DUT-52 for determining endocrine disrupting chemicals in


Adrián Gutiérrez-Serpa, Jorge Pasán, Ana I. Jiménez-Abizanda, Stefan Kaskel, Irena Senkovska and Verónica Pino

Microchemical Journal 181 (2022) 107685

Magnetic Ionic Liquids in Analytical Microextraction: A Tutorial Review

Raúl González-Martín, Eduardo Lodoso-Ruiz, María José Trujillo-Rodríguez and Verónica Pino

Journal of Chromatography A 1685 (2022) 463577

Ferrimagnetic behavior in a naphthalene templated manganese(II) 1,1-cyclohexanediacetate compound

Óscar Fabelo, Laura Cañadillas-Delgado and Jorge Pasán

Journal of Coordination Chemistry 75 (2022) 2400

Molecular engineering of an inverse hexacopper (II) coordination complex with a photoactive metallacyclophane

centroligand as prototype of a magnetic photoswitch

Renato Rabelo, María Castellano, Wdeson P. Barros, José M. Carbonell-Vilar, Marta Viciano-Chumillas, Francesc Lloret, Miguel Julve, Jorge

Pasán, Laura Cañadillas-Delgado, Rafael Ruiz-García and Joan Cano

Polyhedrono 217 (2022) 115732