NEWS 2018

24th January

Congratulations   María   José!!!   She   has   been   awarded   with   the   Doctorate   Extraordinary   Award   by   La   Universidad   de   la   Laguna.   We   are very proud of you!!

10th February

Congratulations   to   Meriem   Khiat   and   Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   for   the   acceptance   of   their   article   on   the   use   of   low   cytotoxic   ionic liquid-based surfactants for the determination of copper and cadmium in Analytical Methods. Well done!

2nd February

Our   PhD   student   Priscilla   Rocío-Bautista   starts   today   her   3-month   stay   in   Professor   Rob   Ameloot’s   research   group   in   KU   Leuven   in Belgium.

5th February

The   article   of   Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   on   the   development   of   a   preconcentration   method   based   on   ionic   liquids   and   induces   by   salts for    the    determination    of    monohydroxylated    polycyclic    aromatic    hydrocarbons    in    urine    has    been    accepted    in    Analytical    and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Congratulations Idaira!

7th February

Our   PhD   student   Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   has   been   awarded   with   a   grant   for   her   shor-term   stay   in   USA   within   the   Fostering   Grads program of La Universidad de LA Laguna and ECUSA. Congratulations Idaira!

14th March

The   Agencia   Canaria   de   Investigación,   Innovación   y   Sociedad   de   la   Información   (ACIISI)   has   awarded   Providencia   González-Hernández and Idaira Pacheco-Fernández a FPI pre-doctoral contract. Congratulations!!

12th April

The   XIV   Chemistry   Students   Confernce   has   just   finished.   We   are   very   proud   of   our   students   who   presented   different   communications. Congratulations   Adrián   and   Idaira!   They   were   awarded   for   their   oral   communications.   The   undergraduate   students   Daniel   Schorn García, Diana Méndez and Mariela González were awarded for their poster communications. Well done!

4th April

Welcome   to   the   lab   Tita!   Ibtissemm   Belbachir   (Tita)   from   The   University   of   Orán   (Algeria)   starts   today   her   pre-doctoral   stay   in   our   lab. Good luck and welcome! 

18th May

The    PhD    students    Providencia    González-Hernández    and    Adrián    Gutiérrez-Serpa    attended    the    42 nd     International    Symposium    on Capillary   Chromatography   in   Riva   del   Garda,   Italy.   They   presented   our   lastest   research   results.   Adrián   was   awarded   for   his   poster communication. Congratulations!

17th May

Welcome   back   to   the   lab   Priscilla!   Our   PhD   student   has   finished   her   shor-term   stay   in   Professor   Rob   Ameloot’s   group   in   KU   Leuven,   in Belgium. We wish you all the best in this final stage before your PhD defense.

1st June

Congratulations   Adrián!   He   has   been   awarded   with   a   pre-doctoral   contract   within   La   Universidad   de   La   Laguna   and   CajaSiete.   Well deserved!

13th June

Dr. Verónica Pino has been promoted to full professor (Profesora Titular) in La Universidad de La Laguna. Congratulations Verónica!

25th June

We   are   back!   Verónica   Pino,   Jorge   Pasán,   Priscilla   Rocío   and   Idaira   Pacheco   were   presenting   our   research   results   in   ExTech   2018 Conference   in   Ames,   Iowa.   We   are   very   proud   of   all   the   communications.   Good   work   team!   Congratulations   to   Idaira   for   the   award   on her poster presentation.

19th June

Congratulations   Raúl,   Iván   &   Daniel!   They   have   presented   their   TFGs   in   Chemistry,   obtaining   outstanding   califications.   We   are   very proud and we wish you all the best!!

17th June

The   article   of   Adrián   Gutiérrez-Serpa   on   the   use   of   silver   nanoparticles-based   SPME   fibers   for   the   determination   of   polycyclic   aromatic hydrocarbons has been accepted in Microchimica Acta. Well done Adrián!




Our   PhD   student   Idaira   Pacheco   Fernández   starts   today   her   4   month   stay   in   Dr.   Jared   L.   Anderson’s   research   lab   in   Iowa   State University in the United States.

29th August

The   article   of   Priscilla   Rocío-Bautista   on   the   synthesis   and   characterization   of   a   green   metal-organic   framework   and   its   application   for the extraction of organic pollutants has been accepted in RSC Advances. Good work Priscilla!

16th July

Congratulations Adrián Flores! He has defended today his TFG in Environmental Science Major. We wish you all the best!

26th July

Congratulations   Dr.   Priscilla   Rocío   Bautista!   She   has   successfully   defended   her   PhD   with   International   Mention.   We   wish   you   all   the best in your post-doc position in Dr. Achille Cappiello’s lab in The Carlo Bo Urbino University in Italy. We miss you already!

17th September

Congratulations   Mario   &   Paula!   They   have   successfully   defended   their   TFGs   in   Chemistry   Major   and   Pharmacy   Major,   respectively.   We wish you all the best!!

8th November

Congratulations   Iván!   He   has   been   awarded   with   a   collaboration   scholarship   within   the   Spanish   Ministry   of   Education   to   do   research activities in our laboratory.

31st October

The   article   of   Iván   Taima-Mancera   and   Priscilla   Rocío-Bautista   on   the   effect   of   the   functionalization   of   the   MOF   UiO-66   on   the extraction performance of organic compounds from water has been accepted in Molecules. Good work!

6th November

Welcome   back   Idaira!   Our   PhD   student   is   back   from   her   short-term   stay   in   Dr.   Jared   L.   Anderson’s   research   lab   in   Iowa   State   University in the United States.

22nd December

The   review   article   of   Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   and   Verónica   Pino   on   the   use   of   green   solvents   in   analytical   chemistry   has   been accepted in Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. Congratulations!!
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