NEWS 2020

21st January

Congratulations   Raúl   &   Idaira!   Their   article   in   collaboration   with   Dr.   David   Díaz   Díaz   on   the   development   of   a   microextraction   method using a pH-sensitive polymer directly coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography. Well done team!

7th January

Good   news!!   The   article   of   Adrián   on   the   preparation   of   core-shell   microparticles   based   on   silica   and   a   metal-organic   framework   and their application in a miniaturized dispersive solid-phase extraction method has been accepted in Talanta. Great job Adrián!!

5th February

The   review   article   of   Idaira,   Diego   &   Giulia,   in   collaboration   with   Dr.   Cecilia   Cagliero   and   Dr.   David   Díaz   Díaz,   on   the   incorporation   of biopolymers in sorbent-based microextraction methods has been accepted in Trends in Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations team!!

2nd March

Join   the   SamplePrep   Task   Force   of   the   European   Chemical   Society-Division   of   Analytical   Chemistry!!   This   Task   Force   aims   to   address the   under-recognition   of   sample   preparation   and   invite   experts   to   disseminate   the   fundamentals   and   breakthrough   development within the field. You will find more information

8th March

The   article   of   Priscilla   Rocío-Bautista   and   Adrián   Gutiérrez-Serpa   in   collaboration   with   the   research   group   of   Dr.   Rob   Ameloot   on   the preparation   of   solid-phase   microextraction   coatings   based   on   the   metal-organic   framework   ZIF-8   has   been   accepted   in   Talanta.   Good job!! Congratulations!

18th February

Verónica   Pino   has   published   a   review   article   with   our   former   PhD   student   María   José   Trujillo-Rodríguez   and   her   current   supervisor Manuel   Miró   (Universitat   de   les   Illes   Balears)   on   high-throughput   methods   using   ionic   liquids   in   a   special   issue   of   the   Journal   of Separation Science “Emerging leaders in Separation Sciences”. Congratulations María José!! 

12th March

Congratulations   Raúl   González-Martín!   He   was   awarded   by   the   Alumni   ULL   Asociation   with   the   prize   to   the   best   final   master   project among Sciences’  Master Students of ULL. We are super proud of you!

30th April

Good   news!   Dr.   Juan   H.   Ayala   has   obtained   the   six-year   technology   transfer   recognition   (sexenio   de   transferencia)   granted   by   the National Committee for the Assessment of the Research Action (CNEAI). Congratulations Juan! You deserve it! 

9th June

We have finished the installation of the new instrument in the lab: a GC-MS/MS from Agilent Technologies! More science on the way!

1st July

Our   review   article   on   the   role   of   ionic   liquids   in   composites   used   in   analytical   sample   preparation   methods   has   been   accepted   in Separations. Congratulatiosn Adrián, Patricia, Jakub and Idaira!! Well done team!!

2nd July

The   article   of   Giulia   on   her   project   developed   during   her   Erasmus+   stay   in   our   lab   as   undergraduate   student   has   been   accepted   in Molecules. What a great collaboration with Dr. Cecilia Cagliero from Università degli Studi di Torino! Congratulations Giulia and Idaira!  

23rd July

Incredible   news   today!   Our   PhD   student   Raúl   González-Martín   has   been   granted   with   a   FPU   Fellowship   (Spanish   Goverment)   to complete his PhD studies. Well deserved Raúl. Congratulations!!   

23rd July

Congratulations   Dr.   Providencia   González-Hernández!   Today   Providencia   has   succesfully   defended   her   thesis.   We   are   super   proud   of you and we wish you the best in your future scientific career. We are gonna miss you a lot!!

22nd July

Our   undergraduate   students   Isaac   and   Santiago   and   our   MS   student   Patricia   have   presented   their   final   projects   with   outstanding grades! We are super proud, congratulations guys! We hope to see you again in our lab next year.

5th August

Great   summer   news!   Our   article   on   the   application   of   a   metal-organic   framework-based   solid-phase   microextraction   fiber   for   the analysis   of   water,   urine   and   brewed   coffee   has   been   accepted   in   Analytica   Chimica   Acta!   Congratulations   team,   especially   Idaira Pacheco-Fernández and Jorge Pasán!!   

6th August

Goodbye   Jakub!!   The   visiting   international   student   is   back   in   the   Czech   Republic   after   8   months   working   in   our   lab.   We   wish   you   the best finishing your PhD. We are already missing you!!     

12th August

Our   review   article   giving   insights   into   coacervative   and   dispersive   liquid-phase   microextraction   strategies   with   hydrophilic   media   has been   accepted   in   Analytica   Chimica   Acta!!   This   review   is   a   collaboration   with   Prof.   Mara   G.   Freire   from   the   University   of   Aveiro. Congratulations Idaira, Raúl and Francisca!! Well done team!      

24th September

Our   undergraduate   Chemistry   student   Gabriel   presented   today   his   final   project   obtaining   outstanding   grades!!   We   are   super   proud   of you Gabri! Great job!     

14th October

Congratulations   team!   The   research   project   that   Kristyna   (from   Czech   Republic)   developed   in   our   lab   as   a   part   of   her   Erasmus+   project on   the   use   of   structurally   different   ionic   liquids   for   the   extraction   of   flavonoids   from   plant   material   has   been   accepted   in   Molecules,   in the Special Issue edited by Verónica Pino and Idaira Pacheco-Fernández. Well done team!      

20th October

We   have   new   students   in   the   lab!   Let’s   welcome   Patricia,   who   is   back   to   start   her   PhD   studies   with   us,   Santiago,   Isaac,   Yaiza   &   Montse will devloped their final MS projects in our group, while Mariela & Cristian are our new undergraduate students. Welcome guys!    

27th October

The   review   article   of   María   José,   Idaira   and   Iván   on   the   evolution   and   advances   in   sorbent-based   microextraction   methods   has   been accepted in Journal of Chromatography A. Congratulations team!!!!    

22nd December

Great   Xmas   news!!   Our   review   article   on   the   greenness   of   magnetic   nanomaterials   used   in   miniaturized   extraction   techniques   has been accepted in Talanta! Great job team Adrián, Raúl and Dr. Muhammad Sajid. Amazing news!!    

9th December

Our   group   has   been   awarded   by   the   Agencia   Canaria   de   Investigación,   Innovación   y   Sociedad   de   la   Información   (ACIISI)   with   70000€   to complete   our   project   on   the   monitoring   of   contaminants   of   emerging   concern   in   the   Canary   Islands   using   novel   analytical   strategies!! Congratulations to our team and PI Verónica Pino!!    
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