NEWS 2019

29th January

Welcome   Giulia!!   She   is   an   undergraduate   student   from   the   University   of   Turin   who   is   starting   a   short-term   stay   in   our   lab   before finishing her degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. We are more than happy to have you here.

11th February

The   article   of   Providencia   González-Hernández   on   the   use   of   a   metal-organic   framework   composed   of   zinc   and   triazolate   ligands   in dispersive solid-phase extraction for the determination of personal care products has been accepted in Molecules. Congratulations!!

15th February

Adrian   Gutiérrez-Serpa   starts   today   a   predoc   3-months   stay   with   Prof.   Stefan   Kaskel   at   Dresden   University   of   Technology   in   Dresden, Germany. We wish you all the best! We are gonna miss you!!

19th March

The   article   of   Providencia   González-Hernández   on   the   use   of   the   metal-organic   framework   CIM-81   in   dispersive   solid-phase   extraction in combination with gas chromatography has been accepted in LCGC North America. Well done!

25th March

Providencia   González-Hernández   starts   today   her   predoc   stay   with   Prof.   Nuno   Ratola   at   Universidade   do   Porto   in   Porto,   Portugal.   We are gonna miss you but enjoy the experience!

27th March

Our   former   PhD   student   Dr.   María   José   Trujillo-Rodríguez   visited   our   lab   today   before   heading   to   her   new   postdoc   position   at   the University of Balearic Islands in the research group of Prof. Miró. We wish you all the best!

17th March

Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   is   attending   PITTCON   2019   Conference   &   Expo   in   Philadelphia   (USA)   to   present   our   latest   results   on   solid- phase microextraction coatings. Enjoy the conference!!

18th March

The   article   of   Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   and   María   José   Trujillo-Rodríguez   on   the   use   of   zwitterionic   polymeric   ionic   liquid-based sorbent coatings in solid-phase microextraction has been accepted in Talanta. Good job girls!!

15th April

The   article   of   Adrián   Gutiérrez-Serpa   on   the   development   and   use   of   braid-shaped   SPME   fibers   with   silver-based   coatings   for   the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons has been accepted in Microchimica Acta. Good job!!

4th April

The   XV   Chemistry   Students   Conference   at   ULL   has   just   finished.   We   are   very   proud   of   our   students   (PhD,   MS   &   undergraduate)   for   the hard   work   behind   their   communications.   And   congratulations   to   Diana   &   Mariela   and   Isaac   &   Selegna!   Their   poster   communications were awarded by the Scientific Committee. We are really happy for all of the students. Next year…more and better!

30th April

Congratulations   Dr.   Priscilla   Rocío-Bautista!!   She   has   been   awarded   with   the   Doctorate   Extraordinary   Award   by   La   Universidad   de   la Laguna. We are very proud of you Priscilla! Well done!

17th May

Congratulations   to   our   PhD   student   Adrián   Gutiérrez-Serpa!   He   has   obtained   a   FPI   predoctoral   contract   within   the   Agencia   Canaria   de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información. It is never too late. Well derserved!

20th May

Congratulations   Raúl!!   His   first   paper   on   the   use   of   an   ionic   liquid-based   miniaturized   aqueous   biphasic   system   for   the   development of an environmental-friendly preconcentration method has been accepted in Talanta. Well done Raúl and Idaira!! 

25th June

Congratulations   Raúl   &   Iván!   They   have   succesfully   defended   their   MS   final   projects,   obtaining   the   highest   grade.   We   are   proud   of   you. Welcome   as   PhD   students!   We   are   also   really   happy   for   Manuel   Rentero,   who   has   also   defended   his   TFG   in   Physics   Major   today.   We wish you all the best!

21th June

Nice   Friday   news.   The   review   article   of   Priscilla   Rocío-Bautista   &   Iván   Taima-Mancera   on   green   issues   of   metal-organic   frameworks   in analytical chemistry has been accepted in Separations. Well done team! 

20th June

Our   team   is   back   from   the   HPLC2019   Conference   in   Milan   and   we   are   really   happy   for   their   success.   Great   talks   by   Dr.   Verónica   Pino and   our   PhD   students   Provi,   Adrián   and   Idaira.   The   poster   presented   by   Adrián   was   selected   as   finalist   for   best   poster   award,   while Idaira was a finalist for the Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award. Good job! 

15th June

Our   PhD   student   Adrián   Gutiérrez-Serpa   is   back   from   his   short-term   stay   at   Prof.   Kaskel   in   Dresden   University   of   Technology.   Welcome back Adrián!

23rd July

The   Erasmus+   student   Giulia   is   back   in   Italy.   It   has   been   a   pleasure   having   you   in   the   lab.   We   wish   you   all   the   best   and   we   already   miss you.

19th July

Congratulations    to    all    our    undergraduate    students!!    Alejandro,    Sandra,    Yaiza,    and    Gabriel    have    defended    today    their    TFGs    in Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy, Physics and Chemistry Majors. We wish you all the best in your career. 

2nd September

Welcome   Kristýna!!   She   is   a   PhD   student   from   the   University   of   Pardubice   who   is   starting   a   short-term   stay   in   our   lab.   We   are   really happy to have you here.

5th September

We welcome Iván, Raúl and Diego as new PhD students in our lab! We wish you all the best in this amazing journey!!

6th September

Great   news!   The   review   article   of   Adrián   Gutiérrez-Serpa   &   Idaira   Pacheco-Fernández   on   the   use   of   metal-organic   frameworks   to prepare solid-phase microextraction devices has been accepted in Separations. Congratulations team! 

25th September

Congratulations María! She has successfully defended her TFG in Environmental Sciences today.

3rd October

Great    news    for    the    group!    Our    article    on    the    influence    of    mixed    functionalization    of    organic    ligands    in    UiO-66    MOF    in    the microextraction efficiency has been accepted in Molecules! God job team! 

21st October

Welcome again Tita! She is back from Algeria to finish her pre-doctoral stay in our lab. Good luck!! 

24th October

Congratulations   Patricia,   Isaac   and   Saniago!!   They   have   been   granted   with   a   collaboration   scholarship   to   do   some   research   studies   in our labs. Welcome!! 

2nd December

The   Erasmus+   student   Kristyna   is   back   in   Czech   Republic   after   her   stay   in   our   lab.   It’s   been   amazing   having   you   here.   We   already   miss you! And also today her labmate Jakub from the University of Pardubice starts his short-term stay in our group. Welcome!!
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